Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jill Mansell: Chick Lit Done Right and Done Wrong

There was a recent sale on Jill Mansell titles and between Carolyn and I, we got a few. I'd read some previously and was lukewarm on what I'd read before. But a good sale and chick lit are a siren's call to me so what the hell.

I just finished Rumor Has It and thought it has the best and worst of what chick lit is.

Pro: it's a romance.

Pro: The women have careers.

Con: Men are more important than careers.

Pro: Gay ex.

Con: Gay ex.

Con: The hero was engaged previously and she died in a drowning accident. The reason it's a con is because his name is Jack and the dead fiance was Rose (you know, Jack and Rose from Titanic and Jack drowned). (Made me slightly nauseous.)

Pro: More than one couple and they all had an HEA (except the one gay guy. And the bad girl who died from cancer.)

Con: No HEA for the gay guy and the bad girl was funny but got killed off.

Pro: I really liked the best friend and her romance.

Con: I liked the best friend and her story more than the heroine and her story.

Still, I enjoyed it. It was a quick and fun read and the emotion wasn't deep. The humor was good. I'll be reading more Mansell books but not expecting too much from them.


  1. Oh no, I never ever made the connection between the names Jack and Rose! How awful - I can't believe I didn't realise. So sorry - I am mortified!

  2. OMG! I'm now mortified.

    Jill Mansell, you weren't supposed to read this. It was a half assed post and not as kind to your writing as you deserve.

    Although I made the Jack and Rose connection immediately and since it was a drowning death I was cursing you for that one. But I did enjoy the book and am planning to start another of your titles soon.

    Now I'm going to die of mortification.

  3. Honestly, no worries at all. I really don't mind constructive criticism and always take it on board. Max has a good reason for not getting his HEA - readers have criticised me in the past for giving too many happy endings and have said it's too unlifelike, so now I tend to leave one character 'unresolved'. On this occasion, it happened to be Max - and absolutely not because he's gay. Similarly, it's the first time I've ever killed off a 'bad girl.' The problem for me is, after almost thirty novels, it becomes increasingly difficult to come up with a plotline I haven't used before!
    And no need to be mortified. If we authors will Google ourselves, we get what we deserve!
    Jill xx