Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More KA (Kristen Ashley) Ruminations

I'm on a chick-lit, give me fast and furious and lots of laughs, reading glom. Somehow KA got in there too and it's been an interesting couple of reads.

The chick lit is exactly what my mood has been crying out for. Although heavy on romance, there is the personal journey that the heroine goes through.

But the KA books, man oh man, those are crazy different.

I read Sweet Dreams the other day and was astonished how it was almost the exact same book as Motorcycle Man. But in MM I wanted to slap the H/h a million times to Sunday and take a horse whip to them too just for good measure, I didn't want to do it with this couple as much.

The heroine was older, 42, and divorced. She was innocent in some ways but she wasn't stupid. In MM the heroine was a dumbass. And in MM the hero was an asshole who I felt man-handled the heroine. In Dreams he was occasionally an asshole but he didn't man-handle the heroine at all and despite the over macho-ness of him, he seemed a much more decent type.

Then I started reading Rock Chick. Okay... I will never ever ever throw my Kindle across a room but if a book ever made me want to, it was this one. This heroine isn't only TSTL, she's too stupid to be allowed to breathe. And a man who finds her attractive needs a brain MRI, STAT!

I think she was supposed to be fun and reckless but truly, she's the kind of woman who would step in front of a moving train on a dare. Oh hell, if she was real I'd dare her because she'd be dumb enough to do it and deserve her casket.

So I was expressing my views to Carolyn and we were talking about the appeal of the books. Obviously there's enjoyment cause when they work, I can't put them down. When they don't, they're pushing my buttons.

But KA writes men who are rough and tough and scary hard. But when they fall in love with a woman then she becomes everything. That's a great appeal, the idea that somewhere there's a man who would die for a woman. But in a real man these guys would be horrible to live with.

Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. I am going to read more KA. I'm just gong to try to be very careful in what books they are.

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