Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Meat Suit in Shark Infested Waters

I follow a number of authors on Facebook and Julie Leto is one I really appreciate. She posts often about feminism and fairness and well, just things that matter a lot to her and really matter a lot to me. So, one day she posted a picture of a young woman at a rally who was shirtless and wrote on her body: still not asking for it.

Message was pretty clear, I thought. Even if a woman is walking naked down the street, it's not an invitation for sex.

So what happened? Men commented. And someone suggested that a woman dressing or looking provacative was akin to wearing a meat suit in shark infested waters. And also, if you smell steak and want it, you're going to eat it.


Is this really a normal male viewpoint? Are women nothing but a steak sandwich?

So then there was another link (was it Julie Leto or someone else?) And in it a woman was providing commentary about women in the armed forces and said some women complain about being raped too much.

Yeah, couldn't make that up.

You know, a woman with an IQ over oh, let's say brain dead, would know that any rape is too much. But multiple rapes might just be a little too much.

Oh and shall we talk about the girl who was raped in Ohio by members of a football team who thought it was funny enough to post on Facebook? Yeah, fucking hysterical. Let me give a big thumbs up to that. And to the kid who commented online that some people deserve to be peed on. Yeah kid, that person is you.

So here's how I'm feeling right now. You all want to declare open season on women? You want to fight for your rights to have automatic weapons after school massacres? Awesome. Lori has a solution:

Let's arm women with automatic weapons!

Now, I've just solved a big problem. Arm women, not men and now compare us to meat suits in the shark pond. Go on.

Please, go. On.

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