Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bless His Heart and Other Parts

I preordered this book strickly because of the cover. Don't know what the story's about. Don't care what the story's about.

I am in lust.

So, this is my fantasy life. A good looking - great looking - man who's ... gonna do what? Well, I know what I want him to do, but to accomplish that I think I'll have to offer him a better deal than I have in RL. So.....

...this is what I look like. If you're gonna fantasize, fantasize big, is what I always say.

We'll get married:

Hmm ... flash or class??

And go to live on a Greek Island (heh, heh, heh).

And almost live happily ever after (sort of boring in a romance, maybe it should be an erotica?). Ah, but then .... HE appears!!

And he lusts after me mightily and is always getting me into situations that can be grossly misunderstood. After all, I never wanted him to kiss me!

Will my true love keep his trust in me? Or will he leave me forever and allow 'that man' to have his way.  Will I live in lust instead of love for the rest of my life?

Decisions ... decisions ...


  1. First of all, that second wedding outfit? Both flash and class.

    And who says you have to choose between lust and love?

    Particularly in YOUR fantasy. Jest saying.

  2. Carolyn? Mwah! I have bought books too simply for the cover. Haven't read a word and I've had it more than 15 years. :D

    And you look gorgeous! It's no wonder the 'other' man wanted to kiss you. I'm sure your true love will understand. If he loves you he will...

    Can I come visit in Greece? I promise not to comment on first wedding outfit...

  3. I'm kind of with the others.... although two weddings for each family and you can wear both!!

    But... but... but I thought you were going to Greece with me!!!