Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My All-New, Romance Novel Life

I've become exhausted and dismayed with my life. I want to live a romance novel life. So I've decided that as of now, I shall.

To begin, I want to live in San Francisco because it's my favorite place on earth.

This is my new house. I'll need to work out the parking problem though.

Since I love to be in the kitchen, I'll have a new job

Yes, I now have a cupcake shop.

By the way, I look a little different now.

Man, I should be a movie star.

My ex-husband is a Spaniard. He refuses to let go.

I might change my mind about him but until I do I have a boy toy.

So that's my new life.

Meet you between the pages.


  1. I'll join you. I can't post my new looks, occupation, beau (new, ex or toy) or house, but I'm with you.

    Maybe we can be neighbours in the same cul-de-sac?

  2. Damn, I forgot to add my new gay best friend who is Neil Patrick Harris, although since he now has twins he might be too labor intensive. I might have to work on that.

    And Lea, you can be my new BFF but you'll have to be slightly flighty and have man problems. It's a chick lit life for you, gal.

  3. I accept. Both the flighty and man troubles. Too many to choose from, that's my problem lol

    Dinner at my place Saturday? I'll fire up the barbie in honour of Australia Day, even though we're in SF :)