Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lea's Chick-Lit Life

Being BFF’s with Cami is hard word. Not in a bad way of course and I wouldn’t change her (much) but the seriously, the woman is so damned hard to keep up with!

Oh, I’m sorry. You’re probably wondering who Cami is. It’s my nickname for Lori. She changes more often than a model at a Milan fashion show so I think of her as a chameleon, adapting and trying to blend in with life around her. It’s for this reason I’ve given her the nickname chameleon or Cami for short. Of course she doesn’t like it so I only use it behind her back or whip it out during an argument, of which we have plenty.

Like the barney we had recently over my new haircut. I went from waist length hair to a pixie cut...


(don’t you think I could be a movie star too?)


... on the advice of my other BFF (we’ll get to him). Lori told me flat out she didn’t like it and that it made me look like a 12 year old boy. I snapped back that she was jealous because she couldn’t pull the look off, with her big trouty (yes, I mean trouty and not pouty) lips. Thankfully she saw the funny side and laughed.

It wasn’t until we had dinner a couple of nights later and her ex ordered the salmon and Lori gave me a dirty look that I realized perhaps it wasn’t so funny. Still, what’s a bff for if not to rubbish, ridicule and put down occasionally when the rest of the time it’s nothing but a love fest?

And I do love her, nutty as she is. Having said that though, I still don’t want to live next door so I moved 22 minutes away to good ol’ Berkeley.


Also, the hills in San Fran play havoc with my calves. At least that’s what I told Lori when she asked why I was moving.

My job as an assistant to the assistant of the assistant editor at the local paper is dull and boring and if not for the handsome new reporter...


...I’d probably give it away and go back to being Cami’s assistant icer.

The state of my love life is hazardous at best. My BFF (the other one)...


... and former BF ran off and married some Australian girl with long hair, after having told me he liked girls with short hair. I cut mine for him but I guess he didn’t want to get back together as much as me and I must have misread the signals.

Lori tried to be sympathetic but she’s never liked him. Claims his penchant for all things Pirate and his need to surround himself with short people and always going on adventures made him a bad choice for me. Oh well. It doesn’t matter; I’ve moved my sights to the handsome new reporter.

There is a guy in my apartment building, a lawyer, who seems to have the hots for me but to be honest, he’s a lawyer. I’m not that desperate for a date! Shame though, ‘cause he’s kinda cute.


Next time he pops in with his dazzling smile and pretends he wants to borrow something, I might just let him!

Maybe I should call Cam... Lori. She’s never shy about offering her advice and although I tend to ignore it mostly or tune her out, she does have the odd sparkle of insight that’s just what I need. I just hope I don’t have to go to her house. Those hills really are murder on the calves!

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  1. I think Lea's fictional life has better looking men than mine!!

    Carolyn: where's yours? And anyone else who wants to play?