Saturday, January 5, 2013

Reading and Writing in the New Year

This is just an exciting way to start the new year. My Kindle is all fired up and charged as well as the Fire... yes, I have two. The Kindle (Carlos) is on a shared account with Carolyn. There we have an amazing array of books since Carolyn, bless her heart, has never met a book sale she can't spend her money at.

The Fire (Lucifer) is on my Amazon account and therefore has books that would never interest Carolyn.

So Carlos is toward the end of a Wally Lamb book, Wishin' and Hopin'. Its a fun story, very much reminiscent of my childhood so I'm enjoying it. After there's just a shitload of choices but I'm looking toward Eloisa James and Tessa Dare. And there's Kristen Ashley and 11/22/63 by Stephen King.

On Lucifer I have a bunch of chick-lit titles and erotica. So Jill Mansell books (all caught at 99 cents) and lots of stuff with naked bodies in various stages of nakedness.

In term of writing, Marinated is planning a series based on DIY and then there's my Hollywood Heroes series that was supposed to get written a hell of a lot faster than this but whatevs.

I'm very happy to report also that Carolyn is writing (yay!!) and Lea is working on covers (yay!!) and things are looking good in the Fart-verse.

And because I wanna:

a hot man and a feline.