Thursday, July 1, 2010

What I Love in Romance

Victoria Dahl has a new book out which is getting mixed reviews Crazy For Love and I simply must and will get this book.

I love Victoria Dahl almost the same way I love mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon. Yeah, that much.

Jennifer Cruisie. Erin McCarthy. Loretta Chase. Vicki Lewis Thompson. Kristan Higgins.

What do these authors have in common? Smart heroines and witty dialogue.

Want to win my heart? Make me laugh. Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Cruisie started my contemporary romance obsession. Nobody can do funny and touching the way she can.

Funny is hard to write. Trust me that I know how hard it is. These authors who can write believable romances while making a reader giggle have done a service as valuable as making apple pie for lepers.

Victoria Dahl: you have rocked my world in ways that are frowned upon in polite society.

I'm a sucker for funny and smart. The heroines I love don't have the ability to kick your ass but once they unleash their smarts you'd wish they'd have beat you instead.

What rocks your boat?


  1. I agree - funny and smart is the way to go. But I will say - I LOVE sarcasm. It just cracks me up!

  2. I love witty repartee and scintillating dialogue, which is why I love Georgette Heyer.

    I also love eccentrics - which is why I love Georgette Heyer. :-)

    I don't mind a good dose of angst, but want it leavened with humor. Lord of Scoundrels is a good example of that. There's something very attractive about a man who can laugh at himself and life even as he's hurting. And it's very unusual to find a heroine who understands the hero as well as Jess understands Dain. I appreciated that.

    But, you know - good writing will draw me in every time, no matter the level of humor and wit. Good writing allows you to get lost in a story and become a part of the protagonists' world. Flowers From the Storm - I don't think there was a funny line in it, but it rocked my world.

    It all boils down to good writing - JMHO.

  3. I have "Welcome to Temptation" committed to memory -- I love that the best lines are shared and spread and they have such a ring of truth -- and own and re-read every Heyer, but I'm not getting a vibe from the VictoriaD historicals that they would tickle my funny bone. Heyer had so many strong heroines but The Grand Sophy always makes the top 3 in my lists. You've given me something to think about ... Janet W