Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Is It Called Fiction Anyway?

We're doing edits on 666 Angel Lane and the story takes place in Colorado, a place I've never been. I made up a town and an address and that's the extent of Colorado in the story.

Later a few of the characters are in a grocery store buying beer and wine. My editor made a notation asking if alcohol was sold in grocery stores in Colorado. I have no idea. I live in Seattle, Washington and alcohol is sold in our grocery store. But I giggled over the question since the characters buying the alcohol are an Archangel, a War Demon and an imp.

The answer is that it varies by county in Colorado so I can keep it.

Over at Dear Author and a few other places there's a lively debate about historical accuracy in historical romances that bores the shit out of me. But Carolyn finds it interesting.

*evil grin inserted here*

There's a reason it's called fiction, folks. Because it's fictional.

I'm not a huge historical fan but a Lord Ian, a Lord of Scoundrels and a Last Hellion rocked my world. I like me a little Tessa Dare also and try Hummingbird by LaVeryle Spenser. And I couldn't give a tinker's shit whether they ate eggs and bacon for breakfast or Captain Crunch.

I swear to God, those people reading for accuracy should go read a history book and leave fiction alone.

Fiction: a literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact.
fabrication: a deliberately false or improbable account.

Carolyn has been known to get her panties in a bunch when Victorian maidens leave their panties at the foot of a gentleman's bed. I say hell, leave those days of the week panties on bedposts throughout England!

After all, if fiction were factual, it wouldn't be fictional. Right?


  1. Sadly even the history books are debated too. No one really knows the Truth. Dum dum duuuum. :D

    I hear ya though! It is fiction so at the end of the day, what does it matter if they are a little off. The most unbelievable thing in (dare I say it) Twilight, wasn't the vampires or werewolves but that RIDICULOUS relationship that came out of thin air between Edward and Bella. No one seems to care about that though.

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself! Yes, one must make sure that the War Demon can legally buy alcohol in a grocery story in Colorado othewise the veracity of the whole story could be questioned???? You are cracking me up. Who are these people who read romance book for historical fact? Seriously, are there history students being taught right now in danger of getting bad information because they used a Julia Quinn novel as a source in their history paper? Though given the sorry stae of education, it wouldn't surprise me....

    Still snickering over the whole alcohol buying story.....You ladies craceth me up !

  3. Isn't 'Fiction' all about using ones 'artistic licence'? Some people just need to get a life!

    And who's to say that back when Dragons roamed the earth and men wore tights that 'panties' (I hate that word) 'weren't' being strewn all over?

    It must be a pretty crappy story if the focus is all about what was removed rather than what happened after it was discarded...

  4. I forgot to say I agree totally with Clark about Edward and Bella's relationship being ridiculous.

    I though Vampire's had a fear of wooden stakes?

  5. I guess you could get around it all by putting the stories in another reality and calling it AHR - Alternate Historical Romance. *g*

    Hmmm ...

  6. Carolyn created a whole new genre!!

    Lea: Bella is wooden but she isn't sharp enough to be a stake.

  7. Nice one Carolyn :)

    and you're right Lori. I forgot about that...