Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Favorite Crusie


I think - no, I know, that Agnes and the Hitman has to be my favorite.

I absolutely loved Agnes. I liked that the hero and all his macho shit was written by a man (but thank God it wasn't John Ringo!)

The plot got a little convoluted, but the vibes between Agnes and her hitman were right on. She captured him with food, lol. Loved it!

I could reread this book forever, because Agnes not only had a relatively unused name (which I don't care for and never did), but her peronality (ever so slightly paranoid) had me laughing out loud.

I might could be persuaded to another Crusie book as favorite (thinking Charlie at Night here), but it will be a hard sell. *grin*


I have reread Crazy For You a million times and I'll read it a million tmes more. I learn more about writing from that book as it moves the characters through growth arcs that hang together, make sense and just rock the house down.

However, I'm going to say Welcome to Temptation is my favorite because it was my first. In Welcome I discovered Crusie magic: how she weaves food and music, strong heroines, sex and humor into a wonderful stew of character foibles and ultimate growth.

Welcome to Temptation had one of the first literary charactors I wanted to boink (on the edge of a dock, on a pool table ... c'mon Phin, let's do it!) and a heroine who skated on the edge of bad. Sophie and her scamming, sex movie filming ways.

Oh goodness, if you haven't read it, do. It's just that damned good.

So what is your favorite Cruisie?


  1. Would you disown me if I said I had never heard of/read this person?

    Oh oh...

  2. You don't know what you're missing out on Lea. Do yourself a favour and get a hold of some.

    I adore Jenny Cruisie. I really loved Agnes and the Hitman. It was better than her first collaboration with Bob Mayer IMHO. I see there is another one out too.

    I also liked Bet Me, Charlie at night and Getting rid of Bradley. Her heroines are deeply flawed, but oh so entertaining.

    I haven't read her last couple of books. I must try to track them down sometime.

    I should make the effort and reread some of my favourites. sighh. I'm feeling all nostalgic now.

  3. Guess I better get financial quick then. I'm already disowned by one Fart, don't want to alienate anyone else...


  4. I've got most of Crusie's books at home but haven't read all of them yet.

    I loved Cinderella Deal, Crazy for you and Welcome to temptation.

    Should look up the new ones and put them on my "want to have" list.