Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here I Is

Man, this has been rejection month! Not only was our piece of crap rejected, but my damn computer got into the act too.

I was sooo miserable! I was lost, I was isolated, I was mute! No Word. No writing because I no longer do pen and paper, mainly because it's unreadable and who wants to be frustrated like that? I mean, you know you wrote the most wonderful,witty thing, you can't remember it, and you can't read it.

I decided to take a hiatus.

So then, the new computer comes. Yes, y'all, it's here. And it is most definitely IN CHARGE!

Perhaps one day, I'll be writing in Word again. Geez, it took me a whole evening getting the damn program open and that was only because I called the vendor! (I do apologize for all the exclamation points, but I mean, really - it's just one of those weeks). It's Word 2010, might as well be 2050.:p

Anyway, I kept thinking of Jane Austen. Not that I'm Jane Austen or even one of them there bodice ripper famous authors, but - what would Jane do? If she broke her quill or something. Perservere, that's what. And so I shall.

Now, after having broken God knows how many writing rules, I shall leave you with this question: when the hell did Word become a separate computer program costing $119.00????

I shall make do, because I'm trey cheap. But really!!!


  1. Welcome home chicky babe!! Sending big hugs at ya!! It's been quiet without you...

    LOL - kidding.

    And I don't know about up there but ever since I've had a puter - 1999 I htink - I've always had to buy 'Office' as a seperate component and it's been upwards of 184 bux each time. you would think with the price of the damn computer itself they could at least give it to you complete.

    Once was a time you got the running program (vista, Windows 98 etc) on a seperate disc - just in case. now you don't and so if you have to reformat you're screwed. Same as having a manual. It's all on the computer now, not in book form. Only problem with that is you can't get to the help section if you're computer won't turn on...

    I miss pen and paper. My writing is atrocious too Carolyn but there is just something about putting ink to baby blue paper and seeing where it takes you. At least on a puter you have spell check...


    Welcome back again - put the kettle on, we got some catchign up to do xx

  2. Lots of catching up to do!

    The last time I bought a computer was over 10 years ago and it came with all sorts of discs. One of them was Word, because I mailed it to Lori when hers went down.

    I hate change, damn it. Me and my old computer wobbled along well enough and mostly it didn't try to show me up. *g* With this one, even the simplest things are a hassle. Hell, just typing is a hassle, the keyboard seems to be built differently, shallower or something, I keep missing the letters!

    Anyway, I hope I'm around in 10 years to be complaining about breaking in another new computer, lol. :-)

  3. Change is supposed to be good - better than a holiday they reckon. I'd rather have the holiday.

    Can you put your old keyboard on? I have a HP keyboard (whn I had a HP tower), an LG screen (which has outgrown 3 puters) and an Acer tower (which I won't buy again - don't ask).

    I rather like the kb. They did give me an acer one - wireless you know - but I just went back to the plug in HP. Much betterer.

    I hope you win the fight with it Carolyn, and that you will be here in 10 years too :D

  4. Thank God you'e back. The posts need pruning, the background needs sweeping and don't frgt to pick up those extra fonts that got spilled!

    I don't understand how you can pay over $100 for something added to your computer and they no longer include the disk. It just makes no sense to me.

    One day they'll not even bother adding all the memory you pay for. You'll just be told to use your own and then we'll really be screwed!!!!!!

  5. I can help with fonts. I have a shitloa... umm... lot that I dl to use with Photoshop so I know how to wrangle 'em good :)

    And you are so right about the memory thing Lori. I can't even remember this morning...

    Sad but true.