Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

I love me some reality television. I'm not a fan of all of it but Bachelor/Bachelorette and Survivor are my favorites (as well as Top Chef and Next Food Network Star).

I didn't care for The Bachelor until I saw The Bachelorette. The very first show with Trista when the cars started pulling up and all these handsome men alit from the limos with their smiles and their wish to impress her and I was hooked.

My fantasy: to be the Bachelorette. Seriously. In fact I play with the idea of writing a story based on it because the images are such a rush to me. All those men wanting one lucky women. One lucky woman getting to choose between a bevy of bachelors who are handsome, employed and photogenic. Sign me up Chris Harrison!

However, if you've been watching lately (especially last night) then you joined me in seeing two things that were heart-breaking for the show. The Jake/Vienna nightmare of a final confrontation and the previews showing Frank with his real girlfriend as he confesses to do the show for no other reason than to be on television (okay, I'm surmising that was his reason).

To say the romance is gone wouldn't be entirely true. But like all relationships, the shiny stuff is rubbed off and the tarnish of the reality is very present. And the reality of this reality show is that it's time to say wham bam, we're finished ma'am.

I watch The Bachelorette to fall a little bit in love. Or love by proxy. I want to see romance and feel the sweep of emotion. I want to believe that two people can meet and fall in love and I want to watch it happen.

I know there's some sincerity there. I think that Ali will have Roberto (oh my, Roberto *sigh*) and Chris at the end and they both seem real. They both seem like men that HEA's can happen with. But there's a feeling that with Frank and Justin and possibly even Ty (with his guitar strumming, big earred self) that people doing these shows are only interested in their 15 minutes of fame.

The romance is gone. The glinty eyes and fame whoring is in.

Which brings me to Vienna and Jake. I wasn't the least bit surprised to see Vienna acting like an emotionally disturbed teenager. Had she shown class or maturity that would have been a surprise. No, the true surprise there was Jake.

How did Jake go from being the sweet pilot who warned Jillian about Wes to the manipulative, cold man who barked at Vienna and showed no emotion at her pain? Why is Jake pursing an acting career?

Why is Jake still standing? If I'd been Vienna I would have taken a baseball bat to his legs. (By the way, I think Jake is going to come out in a year or two and then we'll really wonder why he did The Bachelor and not Adam and Steve.)

My point? I don't really have one. I was just disappointed last night watching this and seeing that the romance I counted on is waning. The bloom is off that rose and not likely to come back.

It makes me feel very sad.


  1. I feel your pain Lori.

    Well, not really. You know my view on reality tv. But I can sympathize so I will :)

    Given I don't watch the show you're talking about, I have no idea what went on (although I can gather it will be in all the tabloids and magazines soon). All I can say is - what did they expect?

    I'm sure there has been some genuine feelings between the guys and gals of both shows and maybe some genuine friendships have come out of it but dating 20 people at the same time (while millions of people watch and scrutinize and judge) and then weeding your way through? Puhleeze...

    Maybe thinking of Bachelor/ette as 'speed dating for the masses' will help.

    Or not...

    As you pointed out Lori, how are you supposed to know if someone is there to genuinely find someone to make a life with or 'get discovered'? It's like the people who were on Big Brother here - in the house a week, get kicked, then all of a sudden they're acting in soapies, singing or got their dream job.

    At the end of the day these men and women put themselves out there for the world to see, so should take the good with the bad. I'm sure many of them go in hoping to find the real thing and hoping they won't get hurt/crushed along the way but face it - you're on a television show. You might have an idea of what you want but everyone else has their own agenda. You just have to hope and pray you pick the one who has hte same one as you.

  2. Now I also have to point out that Jillian and Ed have just announced their break up.

    My faith is gone. True love and television just don't mix.

    Although I still want to do Roberto. Phwoar!

  3. Where can I find a foto of this Roberto? I'm intrigued...

    And bummer about Jillian and Ed :(

  4. I've watched the past couple of seasons, but I dunno, this one just makes me squirmy and I can't watch it.