Monday, July 5, 2010

Nom Nom Nom

I love reading about food. I don't qualify as real foodie because pate makes me gag, quail eggs would not be welcome on my plate and any intestines would have me heading toward the door.

But I love reading about food.

It's been a real challenge finding an author to satisfy my food cravings and I've finally thrown my hands up in despair. I had high hopes for Louisa Edwards but the anonymous sex that started her second book hit my hot buttons and I couldn't go on. Susan Mallery has a series that starts with Delicious but it missed a beat with me.

Right now I'm getting my addiction taken care of with non-fiction food writing. Ruth Reichl writes of food with bone melting beauty that even if it's something you'd never put in your mouth, the words are savored with the same pleasure as the author savored the dish.

I have Gael Greene's autobiography to read. I've read Jeffrey Steingarten, Julia Child and the Best Food Writing of 2009.

I'd love to read a fiction where the food is written about with the same sensuality and lyricism as the non-fiction writers.

Any suggestions?


  1. Nothing that I've read comes to mind Lori but I did see a movie based on a book once - Like water for chocolate.

    I loved it (although I missed a bit trying to keep up with subtitles) and can only but imagine how the writing about hte food would be. Considering that's the theme of the book/movie, it might be just what you are seeking.

    If you do and it's any good, can you let me know? I'd love to revisit it again in book form.


  2. third time lucky perhaps... stupid comment thing.... :P

    I haven't read it Lori but what about "Like water for chocolate"? I saw the movie and loved it, although I'm sure I missed some watching the subtitles. Or "Chocolat"? Again, not read but what the woman does with chocolate is just...



  3. Lea stole the only food book I know about - Chocolat. ;-) I know about it because you sent it to me. Before that, I thought it was a movie.

    Well, of course, it is a movie, but surprise, surprise, it's a book too! I'm so insulated from real life it gets scary sometimes.

    Anyhoo, that's all the help I can be, I'm afraid. Chocolat. Which you've already read.

    Sorry ....