Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good Lord!

There's a Loretta Chase book I haven't read!

How did that happen?

I fully intend to rectify that and read Your Scandalous Ways asap.

I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite Chase book and the more she writes, the harder it gets. Silk is for Seduction blew me away...

...and it's always been a tossup between Lord of Scoundrels

and Mr. Impossible.

Lord Perfect gets honorable mention just because of the cover, lol.

Each of these books might have problems, things wrong with them that I'd never notice, but by God they must be minute.

I feel better now. I've exposed my Chase-o-mania and practiced posting pictures - a twofer. *grin*

Loretta Chase is fast becoming synonymous with Georgette Heyer (only with sex) in my mind. So different, yet both wonderful writers with a great sense of humor (usually necessary in the books I read) and knowledge of the era in which their stories take place.

Standing ovation, laydeez. 


  1. I don't think I read it either and you know how I feel about Ms. Chase.

    We shall both be reading.

  2. I've read all of Loretta's books. Your Scandalous Ways isn't one of my favourites, but it's still a fun read. I love the same ones you've listed Carolyn and I really enjoyed 'The Last Hellion' and the other Carsington stories too. (I'm anxiously awaiting her last Carsington book.)

    Have you read her really early ones? They are more Traditional Regencies. (ie less sex) I really enjoyed 'The Devil's Delilah.' She has the most gorgeous beta hero in this one.

  3. I have some of her older stories here in PP, Cheryl. I shall have to dig into the pile and see if I can find them.