Thursday, August 9, 2012

BFFs via the Interwebs

So we got a nice little review for Letters From Greece which wasn't memorable but the reviewer seemed to love the idea of the friendship between the two women coming together from the internet. I imagine the reason it resonated so strongly was because the reviewer probably has a BFF she met via the internet.

Carolyn and I met on a fan forum. Lea and I met on a different forum of the same fandom. I believe the Smart Bitches met on a pet forum. I met Tom Clancy on a writer's forum (okay, I was bragging on that one a little.)

Of all my male friends, I don't recall a single one ever mentioning making a great friendship via an internet forum. Yet women do it easily.

I dont know why. I have theories.

Via the internet we don't judge on looks. So Carolyn and I are both young, slim and gorgeous. Of course we've seen pictures and we know the truth but when I think of the other fart, I see a young woman despite knowing what she really looks like. And in my mind that means I'm still young too.

We don't compete. Not sharing physical space lends itself to a greater generosity (I believe). I have never experienced the kind of generosity as I have from Carolyn and Lea from any other person on this planet. Including family, I'm sad to say.

Without the face to face we also miss the small things that we might hate about each other. I don't sleep with Carolyn's husband (because I'm a whore) and she doesn't hide her dust bunnies in my home (because she's allergic to cleaning). It works for us.

I like to think that in Letters From Greece, the two women there are the two of us in different circumstances. I believe that Carolyn and I would easily find our comfort together and let our bellies hang out and be free to point out those little chin hairs that need plucking.

I love that someone out there read the book and probably related to the friendship above all else. Because that's what it was all about.

And Carolyn? Stop UPSing those dust bunnies. Mollie's room can't take any more. And I think they're breeding.


  1. Interesting theory, which makes sense to me. While I met my bestest friend evah at a writer con, 99% of our interaction is online since we're states away. There is something magical about the internet...

  2. FYI: dust bunnies do breed--and isolated populations interbreed and mutate.

    Signed, slave to dustdinos.

  3. AL's right - it's the nature of the beasts - and I'm a generous woman and like to share. ;-)

    You got a beagle; beagles are hunting dogs. They especially like to hunt bunnies. Heh.

    Sic 'em!!