Saturday, August 25, 2012


I saw this on Facebook and was disgusted.

Not all authors feel this way. I don't.

I write because it's what I choose to do. Nobody has to read what I write and certainly nobody has to pay for it. I'm not a special person because I write and I don't deserve anything extra for it.

If you choose to read: awesome for you. If you read something I wrote, cool. But you owe me nothing beyond the price of the book and I expect nothing from you.

And give something back? When did writing a book become a charity? And the end where you're urged to leave high star ratngs. Even worse.

Please readers, don't ever think you owe an author anything. Ever. Our choice to write a book is not making you beholden to us for anything.

This disgusts me.


  1. Some authors think it's like a race and they want success so much they have to win.

    Some authors think they can make a living off their work, and some of them can, but they're a minority.

    Some authors are just plain bossy and think they can tell the whole world what to do.

    I like to suppport my favorite authors, but I have my own system.

    I buy their books.

  2. I'm...searching for words.

    Not surprised, sadly--we've seen many an author meltdown in the last few months for that--but close to appalled.

    Because there are authors and readers who believe this is, indeed, how it works.