Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday.... in the park

I just wanted to show Jake.

He's utterly devoted to my daughter and she's training him in ways I never would have believed. She has him sitting, speaking, laying down, crawling, going off leash and returning when called. I took him off leash and he ran away. Huh.

But he's a doll and I adore him so I took him on errands and to reward him to him to a small park in the neighborhood. He had a great time and so did I.

Being that today is Saturday, I should mention that Carolyn has been instructed to write 500 words on a new story by tomorrow evening or I shall humiliate her by posting nekkid pictures I have. Oh yes, blackmail, thy name is Lori.

Watch this space. Carolyn was warned.


  1. And she wrote 700 words today. Leaving this blog free of pictures of naked fat men.

    Until next weekend.