Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Friday Thoughts This Thursday

I just saw a blog that a woman has subtitled Thoughts of a Soon to be Famous Author. I don't know if I admire her chutzpah or want to smack her on the side of the head.


Sales for Yesterday's Headline, in the matter of a week, surpassed royalties I received for the entire of last year with three books at two different publishers. I can't see ever choosing a traditional publishing route with that as a result.


Marinated Publishing is working on another anthology of short stories centering around DIY projects. We have four talented ladies working on it and I have to say that what I've seen that Carolyn has done makes me salivate. Very excited to see this project happen.


I got a 50 cent royalty check from Noble. Go team Noble. snorthahasnort


So I mentioned before my intense dislike of the Pinterest pinners who pin pics of celebrities suggesting that they're characters in the pinner's novels. But then I had an a-ha moment (not involving a catchy 80's tune and a cool video with pencil drawings) and it occured to me that those writers are in fact writing fan fic with real people.

Go pinners! Embrace the fic!

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  1. congrats on the YH royalties! See, I knew if I bought 30 copies someone would notice...


    Seriously, well done. htat's fab news. Does that mean drinks are on you this weekend?

    Had to lol at the pinterest thing. All hte comments I see are about which guy is going to be the lead in 50 Shades. so far it's every male celebrity ever born!! Ryan G and Ryan R, Channing, Jake, the dudes from Hunger Games etc.

    Get over it people, it will probably be some random no-one has ever heard of lol. I know who I don't want it to be. Not because htey're not hot enough, but because they are...

    I haven't seen that particular type comment (about using celeb as a hero in book)though but you could be right. I look at some of those pics and think, hmm, he has 'hero' all over him. Be it a look or an attitude or something else.

    Man, I love Pinterest lol.