Monday, July 30, 2012

How Susan Bodendo (aka Super Earthling) Turned Me Into a Bestselling Author

I was sad. I was very sad.
It was a bad time for me.

I'd been writing for years and although I'd been published my sales were dismal.

That's a sinking ship. It represents my sales and Noble Publishing. Ha.

I was thinking about giving up. But I'd just written a book I loved and it was my first full length novel that I was going to self-publish.

Depressed, I went on Facebook. And I saw a link and followed it.


I laughed. I snorted. I had diet soda come out of my nose. It hurt.

This woman, this Susan Bodendo (aka Super Earthling, aka Daisy Dexter Dobbs)

well, she's awesome. She deserves to be read. And so I did what any non-original person would do. I shared it on Facebook so my friends would be impressed. And they were.

And Susan Bodendo, this Super Earthling, said to me on Facebook

Daisy Dexter Dobbs Thanks a million for sharing this, Lori, and for your kind words. Much appreciated. I hope you become a bestselling millionaire overnight after reading this sage asdvice. :D

I know, right?

Well I loaded my little book

on Kindle, All Romance, B&N and.... got the best sales in one day then I've had with any of my books previously.

There's only one reason for it. Her name is Susan Bodendo (aka Super Earthling, aka Daisy Dexter Dobbs, aka my new guardian angel). Becausee she wished me sales, only a few hours later, I got them.

Her Facebook message was like a magic 8 ball.

You can follow Susan on Facebook FOLLOW SUSAN OR GET A YEAST INFECTION IN BAD BAD PERSONAL PLACES  and she might send you a magic message too.

(You can follow her blog via the link on our sidebar.)

I do think Susan is very talented and although I can't credit her with all my sales success (which is limited success, as is) I do think the obvious connection between her message and my sales is obvious to anyone. She's magic. Deal with it.


  1. Oh, Lori, this was just wonderful! Thank you so much for your kind words--and a BIG congrats to you on the release of YESTERDAY'S HEADLINE (love the title, book cover and storyline)! Wishing you tons of sales and fabulous reviews! :D

    Of course, we both know the real reason your book had such a great opening day is because you’re a wonderful writer...shhhhh... ;-)

    --Susan Bodendo, Daisy Dexter Dobbs, Super Earthling...
    ...and all the rest of my assorted alter egos! :D

  2. I am in awe. 0.o

    But I have to agree with Susan ... Daisy ... Super ... aw hell, the lady with the great karma. Hi!! *waves*

    You're a good writer, that's what. But a bit of magic never hurts.:-)