Monday, August 20, 2012

I Accept ...

Lori's challenge with the stipulation that we talk about one hero at a time.

I came up with five heroes but to list them from least favorite to top favorite is impossible. They all have different attributes and they all have some similarities.

So, today I'm going to talk about Ilona Andrew's Curran in the Magic series (also known as the Kate books. :-) ).

Curran is about as alpha as you can get. He has to be to keep his leadership of the packs of shapechangers. He has a sense of humor though,  and like all shifters is partial to practical jokes.

He's also slightly paranoid. Okay, a lot paranoid. Both he and Kate recognize this, but Curran won my heart with his heroic efforts to let Kate do her thing. He doesn't alway succeed, but he tries. He just can't let someone he considers his, let alone loves to distraction, fight alone. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't, but the love he has for his mate is never in doubt. I like that such a strong, disciplined character softens around Kate and he does, you'll never convince me otherwise.

Kate understands him and so do we, the readers. Lord, I'll never forget their first meeting. All Kate knew was that he changed to some sort of cat, so she calls 'Here, kitty, kitty.' Sometimes Kate lacks common sense, lol, but she sure caught Curran's attention.

So, that's my first pick, Ms Lori. Your turn now. 

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  1. I csn see the 2 of you, at dawn, by the bayou with fog swirling around,your epees clutched tightly and your seconds at your right shoulders... giving lots of free advice... which is just about what it is worth. Then the handkerchief drops and you whirl to face each other ... with cries of "En garde!!!!!!"
    Now who will be your seconds??? Lea, Lyndee, Jen, Tassie??? No. I can't. I have an appointment! MJ