Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Need a Hero....

Carolyn and I love to talk about heroes. Isn't that why we're writers? And romance readers? We love heroes. And some heroes are more than just characters you love, they become men you crave because in reality it seems, real men are just like us: faulty and imperfect.

The best heroes though.... I can't help thinking of almost any written by Loretta Chase. Sometimes they're dumb, sometimes they're playing dumb, sometimes they carry the nickname Beezlebub. And almost every single one of them has captured my heart.

Lisa Kleypas' new book, Dream Lake, has a hero who is approaching alcoholism and bitterness. He's all sharp edges and dysfunction and the only of her Friday Harbor heroes that mattered to me.

I'm not a great fan of the alpha-holes and I guarantee you a book with a Navy SEAL would have me running faster than a Weight Watchers meeting. Yet, I like a man who can take care of things. I just prefer a man who can allow the heroine to take care of herself.

I'm currently working on a story with an unemployed, unmotivated hero. It's my goal to end the book with him still unemployed but very motivated to making the heroine happy.

Anyway, this is a shallow post on a subject we can and should spend a lot more time on. So I think I'll challenge Carolyn to do a post on her five favorite romance heroes and I will also.

Chime in with your own.

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