Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reality Sucks, Unless It's Filmed

So I wasn't going to watch The Bachelorette this season because Emily's voice akes me want to strangle puppies and I have a low tolerance for that much sweetness. But I wanted to see the bachelors so I watched the first show and realized that Emily has something none of the other women have ever had: big balls.

Oh she's a wonder. She's Southern to a T, a real bless your heart kind of gal. But someone says the wrong thing and she's completely taking names and kicking 'em to the curb.

I lurve this woman.

And on HGTV's Next Design Star it's down to the final four and may I say yippee because 3 out of 4 of the finalists are black. And I'm hoping Hilari kicks it into high gear cause she's sweet and adorable and I'd watch a show she does. (But I think Danielle might win and that would make me happy also.)

My daughter has started to cook. So far it's been amazing and delicious. She made grilled cheese sandwiches, mashed potatoes and baked eggs (not as one meal.... these were different meals and different times). She wants to make fried chicken and I'm all for it. Yay and yum.

And on WWE recently it's been a real pain in the arse watching the emotional teenage angst of AJ. The writer's should be ashamed of themselves. Why they have these amazing athletic women and relegate them to nothing but an occasional conquest or bitch (as was the case with Eve) or teenager (please AJ, kick D-Bry in his pair and move the fuck along).

I truly would stop watching except once you've seen some of those bodies with the muscles glistening and the lumps of delight threatening to say hey, well, it's hard to turn away. I just want to know why Alberto Del Rio is the only wrestler with a package?


  1. I have nothing to add, because I've never watched any of these programs and doubt I ever will.

    But I'm glad you're enjoying them :-)

  2. Oh, Bachelorette got even better. Last show was the 'overnight dates' and Emily refused them. Her daughter might watch and she wants to set a good example.

    I loved it.

    I hate the overnight dates because basically it's 3 nights in a row of screwing 3 different people.

    Emily, bless her heart, has morals.

    Imagine. Morals on reality tv. And it was fun to watch.