Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ranty McRant Rant

So I saw this wonderful pic on FB this morning and it made me smile. But then I saw someone comment, saying "Exactly! They're both sales." and I bled inside.

Books aren't about sales. It's about telling a story and engaging a reader's mind. It's about disappearing from your life and into the world the author created.

Books are about bliss. Not about bucks.

So speaking of this, I just finished Scandal Wears Satin by Loretta Chase. There might have been some not quite stellar reviews of it. Might I suggest one reads the book and not the reviews.

Oh I loved it. I adored the hero, Harry and want one of my own. He was delightful. De-fucking-lightful. Oh my lord, I must must must squee.

Dear Loretta Chase,

I might not be your biggest fan despite my waist size but I want to have your love child, take out your garbage and marry most of your heroes. I want to be your best friend, your barista or bake you cookies.

I love you more than I love chocolate and that's a scary amount. I adored Sophy and her amazing scams, I loved Harry and his not-so-dim but not-very-smart self. I want a man to love me the way Harry loved Sophy and I want a declaration of love in such a wonderful way.

I want Clara's story more than I want to see George Clooney naked.

If you like, I will practice with a rapier until I can cut the heart out of a marauding turkey and then I shall cut the barely beating hearts of your detractors from their wizened chests.

Yours forever,

Lori the Lunatic

Hmm. Hope that didn't sound too fan girlish.

Personal note: I'm working on Book 2 of my Hollywood Heroes series and I realized that I didn't like my heroine. If I don't like her then the reader would hate her.

Delete. Delete. Delete.

Starting over. Gave her a dog too. Heh. Who said truth isn't fiction? Or vice versa?


  1. I must say I'd feel rejected if I didn't completely understand how you feel about Ms. Chase.

    If you knew Harry like I know Harry ... lalalala.

  2. Well my darling, I must admit I would not clean your bathrooms but I'd happily bake you cookies, have phone sex with your husband and stalk your son on Facebook telling him to call his Mama.

    Also, you know most of my secrets and have blackmail material anytime you need it.

  3. My copy of Scandal wears Satin arrived today and I am over the moon. I knew it would be here soon, so I went back and reread the first book in the series earlier this week - and I'm glad I did because the new story is a continuation.

    I haven't read any reviews (because too many have spoilers) so I'm not aware of any negative ones. I don't care. Loretta is so good, even her worst is better than just about everyone else.

    I bet I'll be desperate for the last book in the series by the end of this one. Pity Loretta is (by her own admission) a slow writer.

    I wish I could get her whole book list on my Kindle. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

  4. Cheryl, she's been putting out her backlist as ebooks, not all of them yet, but a good few. I've been slowly collecting them. Can't wait for the earliest ones.

    Oh, and she's also got better covers now, lol.

  5. Unfortunately most of her books aren't available as ebooks in Australia. It's one of the really frustrating things about Kindles.

    I'm keeping an eye on Loretta's site as she tries to sort out the DRM issues in other countries. I want to get Lord Perfect and Mr Impossible amongst others.