Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest = Plagiarism

This is a fascinating blog post by a lawyer/photographer discussing why Pinterest actually is a torrent site for copyrighted images.

I was so sad to read it and recognize that what she was saying was just sadness and horrible.

I love Pinterest. Everywhere you look there are recipes, beautiful pictures, home decorating ideas, beautiful pictures....

Beautiful pictures taken by an artist and not attributed to them nor are they paid for it.

I have one or two stories on torrent sites. Most I've found have been take down with a ceast and desist email but one or two just ignore it. It bothers me because I work hard on my writing and I'm happy to give it to readers if I choose to but not happy to have someone simply take it.

Pinterest is sadly the same.

I can't enjoy it anymore because every image I see now will haunt me with the idea that I just stole from someone.

My heart is heavy. I deleted my Pinterest acount also.


  1. Now I feel bad.

    It's not like I was doing anything bad, just laughing or learning and finding but seems you can't do that any more without having to spend hours worrying and reading up the fine print to see if it's legal to keep soemthing.

    I understand copyright and have no problem with it. Makes you wonder what's next though, right? What about things like facebook? If you have a photo and tag someone can they sue you for unlawful use of their image?

    Just sayin'.

    Crap, bugger, damn, shit! The internet sux sometimes.

  2. My understanding (not a lawyer, don't play one) is that there is always a good case for fair use when there the re-posting of a work is part of discussion of some kind.

    However, and even when it is copyright infringement, it is not always plagiarism--unless the person pinning it claims it as his/her own work. Which, if I read correctly, you are not supposed to do in Pinterest.

    But you know what? If you are posting an image or quoting someone, why shouldn't you link back to them anyway?

    And to be even further on the safe side, add a note "if you are the copyright owner and don't want me to post this image, please let me know and I'll take it down." Then do so when asked.

    It takes a bit longer than just seeing something and going, "shiny! want for my very own!" but it's respectful and considerate. Wouldn't we want people to be respectful and considerate towards us too?

  3. AZ, I really felt like I leapt before I looked this time. And it didn't make me happy.

    I think your advice is sound.

  4. Lori, have you checked the link with love blog/site?

    I think they have a really good idea and would benefit from more people knowing about it. What do you think?