Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Thursday, It's Random

I'm exhausted. Can't see straight exhausted.

Summer vacation and the child is staying up till 2, 3, 4am and doesn't think twice about waking me up to show me something awesome on You Tube or even just to tell me that I'm the best mother in the world.

Child at 2am, with nudges in side: Mom, Mom! You got to see this. It's a one legged cat on You Tube dancing the marimba.

Me: mumbles incoherently

Child: I love you so much, Mom. None of my friend's Moms will watch You Tube videos with them like you do.

Me: Show me the damned cat. Oh my God! Do you see what time it is? Are you crazy?!?! Oh.... that cat is adorable.

So work then kicks my ass because our technician is gone on family bereavement and so my dragging ass is now doing his job as well as my own.

At least I have the internet to keep me warm.

That is if warm involves heat from the flashes of rage I feel with the continued harassment from the GoodReads freaks against the reviewers. And then Dear Author finally posted about it and it's over 500 comments strong and fascinating reading.

For the most part the conversation remains civil and intelligent. The usual trolls: Author on Vacation, Ann Sommerville. Some strange bitch who seems to equate swearing with bad manners and the end of civilization.

So the trolls try to derail the conversation and make it about them. Then there's the nimrods who don't like those darn mean girls and try to victim blame. Oh noes, that is so not going to happen.

The great thing is to see that the general community of romancelandia is pretty united in this. And it's awesome. Intelligent women are not going to be derailed from this. And this is one time that when the names finally come out as to who is behind this, they can expect to never see another book sale.

Other good news.... from the time I started this post to now, someone brought me chocolate. Life is looking up.


  1. Six hundred comments and counting--and some really weird back and forths with some asshat Will Shtterley (he outed someone back in mid '09, and his justification was, "well, she had not hidden her identity very well/I use my own, name, why should she be anonymous?/we were arguing and she pissed me off/it was not illegal to compile and post someone's public information"--another misogynist, in short)

    I'm puzzled by the many people who keep coming back to the "this is about GoodReads" and "this is about reviews" and completely blank out the a) real life endangerment of women and their children/pets/husbands/other family members, and b) the underlying misogyny of "if we were nicer to each other" and "if authors/reviewers didn't interact so much with each other."

  2. I've just made a chocolate cake (a real one, not hte novel kind) and a lemon cheescake.

    Would some of that and a glass of milk help you ladies take a minute away from the hustle and bustle of tiredness and ass-hatedness?

    I know it won't stop it but a short break might help a little. Just a thought.