Monday, October 17, 2011

'Tis the Season

Yesterday, my husband made his traditional trip to Walmart. Don't get me wrong, he goes to Walmart lots of times during the year and for a variety of reasons. But October is special. October is candy shopping month.

It's become a tradition at our house. John always buys the Hallowe'en candy. Lots and lots of Hallowe'en candy.

I have my suspicions. Yes indeed, I've had them for years. I think John is using Hallowe'en to satisify his secret, hidden love for chocolate.

It sounds so metrosexual, to love chocolate, and my John is at the opposite end of metrosexual. He's nothing if not macho. He comes complete with hunting rifles and fishing lures, even if it's been awhile since he's used them.

He buys enough chocolate to sink the Lusitania. It supplies him with chocolate bliss for months after Hallowe'en. He keeps one bag of goodies by his chair and treats his candy like medicine sometimes. Take the heart pill. Follow with a piece of candy. It can last him for months!

The strange thing is, when his Hallowe'en candy is gone, then that's it for the rest of the year. He goes cold turkey until next Hallowe'en.

The trick or treaters? Screw them! Not really, they get their treats. There's plenty. Plenty, plenty, plenty! And John loves the little kids that come calling, has conversations with them and their parents, tries to guess who's behind the mask, compliments them on their costumes. John loves Hallowe'en, because he gets to play like a kid and he also gets lots and lots of chocolate.

You've heard of southern eccentrics? You've just had a peek into the life of one of them.


  1. So, if I leave my house, go north a smidge and turn left at Alburqueque(sp?)...

    For chocolate, I'll even dress up like a Cutie. Tell hubby to save me a piece of choccy pls.


  2. Sorry, I meant AlburqueRque...

    Geesh, us (really) Southern people...