Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I've Arrived!

Yes indeedy, I done got pirated.

Got a google alert for 666 Angel Lane and I went over to check what it was and heck and hell, it was a download forum. Yup, illegal downloads.

My publisher sent me a form letter which I sent them and it came down immediately. I was so excited though. I done got robbed.

On another note: Carolyn took a look at the site and said they had pics of transgendered people having sex. Don't know how my writing fits that theme...


  1. Boo and Yay at the same time, for being pirated! You really has arrived :D

    As for the pix, I too don't know how they fit the story (which I loved by the way).

    Wow, I personally know an author who has been pirated. Cool.