Monday, October 10, 2011

Song of Life

Got the line edits back for Song of Life late last night.

I want to bang my head against the wall. Multiple times.

I know they're making the story tighter. I know they're making me a better writer. Doesn't matter. Enough time had passed I was feeling like I'd got that puppy put to bed.


I just skimmed the whole file last night, but there are some big changes coming. I lay awake for quite a while trying to fit the puzzle pieces together, even got back up and opened the file again but didn't dare to start in. It was already 12:30 am and a work night.

So, here I am at 6:00 a.m, bleary eyed and longing to get at the rewrite. Instead I have to go to work. Bah!

The bones of the story are still there. The way it is told is changing. And I fucking HATE pov!!!! Also, I've been put on an adverb diet.

But I have a great cover. *grin*


  1. I have a feeling that evil line editor hates The Tide.

  2. Bugger!

    Hmph - editors - a necessary(?) evil. Hope you manage to get on top of things Carolyn and still ahve it 'your' story.

    By the way - is this the one about the band and they thought one member was dead? I can't recall...


  3. No, this is the one about a wandering man named Cas, the older woman he meets and his evil father. You might recall the prologue - the small boy in the big bed?

    Ah, I know what will nudge your memory ... Father Yuri. *grin*

    But mums the word, lol.

  4. Umm, color me embarrassed!

    Even with a nudge, it doesn't sound familiar. So sorry... But that's good cause now I can read it with 'fresh' eyes and just love it all over again :D

    Mum is the word - shhhhh.