Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ecstacy by Bella Andre Wasn't Ecstatic

I don't know much about Ms. Andre but she was one of those self-pubbed authors who lit the Amazon world on fire. Ecstacy was one of the titles, I guess, that put her over the top.

Now I'll admit that I got it awhile ago as a free read and I wasn't too interested. But a few weeks ago I read one of my Kindle free reads (by Jil Myles.. a Surviver take-off whose title has currently escaped me) and I loved it so I thought good free read luck was smiling down on me.

Instead I got a badly written porn book about two porn writers who write badly written porn. I'm sure there are people who'd love this book but gads, why?

The H/h both write erotica. The hero is a successful erotic writer who's apparently good looking, rich and can't get a date. The heroine is a writer who has decided to try erotica and she's never had a man bring her pleasure.

Oh yeah, a woman who finds sex disappointing wants to write about it. Go figure.

Anyway, the hero mentors the heroine which includes giving her multiple orgasms during their first mentoring session. And then she writes about it. And everytime they get together they have sloppy sex and then she goes home and writes about it. Badly.

Don't read this book. Seriously. Badly written, lousy sex and not even decent enough to be tongue in cheek.

I give it three Mr. Yuks.

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  1. That's a shame, Lori.

    Good erotica is so hard to write. Sometimes a decent plotline can make up for it, but this sounds like it fails in both areas.

    Which gives me an idea for a post.;-)