Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holy Moly!

I had a doctor's appointment today.

I gave up doctors several years ago for my mental health and physical comfort. I had doctors coming out the wazoo.

There was the doctor for the nether regions - and may I just say I'm sick and tired of poking my ass in the air while someone sits between my legs and pokes back.

Then there was the doctor that specialized in a small portion of the nether regions. He liked to put lights into my bladder, which neither I nor my bladder appreciated.

The eye doctor. Oh man, if you've got a child, please do encourage them to go into optometry. They'll make a killing. Most of that stuff isn't covered by insurance either and I almost fainted when I learned the cost of my new prescription lenses.

The EENT. I've learned to accept my sinuses without the intervention of the EENT. He wanted to send me for some damn expensive tests. Once I came to my senses, I cancelled them and bought some Chlortabs.

I have yet to go to the guy who wants to stick a light up my ass. Of course, I may regret this some day, but right now it's all good and I'm rocking along just fine.

Dentists. Oh geeze, need I say more?

The thing is, if you have a body part, there's a doctor that doctors only on that particular body part and even if you go to a GP, if said body part misbehaves, you can find yourself at a specialist and another doctor is added to the roll call.

When the hell am I supposed to work? Do these medical people think my boss appreciates all the time I'd have to take to keep them happy? I'm here to say he doesn't and neither do I.

Today's appointment? I'll live. ;-) Seems I'm depressed and need counciling and a mild antidepressant and lots of blood work. Even a sleep study!


Maybe next year when my sick time and vacation time start all over again.

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  1. Read another romance, write another romance and forget all that shit.

    Make believe is so much better than real life.