Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Rake's Snake and His Trouser Trouble

So I've discovered that if you add flour to the sauce...

Speaking of saucy, my new book The Rake's Snake and His Trouser Trouble has the sauciest hero...


And the mileage I get on my Hyundai...

Speaking of mileage, the heroine in my new romance novel, The Rake's Snake and His Trouser Trouble...

Get where I'm going with this?

Carolyn and I write books. We've both had books published. We'd like people to buy our books but... we refuse to be annoying about it. Why can't other writers follow the simple rules of not promoting every fucking place they can?

When I'm reading an interesting thread on another peson's blog, its not a place where I want to jump in to promote my book. It's like pooping on their lawn. Take a crap in your own toilet and leave their lawn alone!

And by the way: if all you do on Facebook is promo yourself, I'm going to drop you. Unless you're Stephen King, you're only that successful in your own mind. Be appropriate!

I just get annoyed when I see a conversation taking place and some small fry author jumping in to mention their own bok. I'm beginning to think that it should be illegal to mention your own writing. And tacky. It's sooooo tacky.

And speaking of tacky, there's a really sticky situation that takes place in my new book The Rake's Snake and His Trouser Trouble. You should check it out.**

**no such book exists but it's a wonderful title if you want to steal it.

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