Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Generic Blog Post Because Carolyn Threatened Me

She told me if I didn't write a blog post, she'd withhold all the Spaniards.

So generic blog post.

Subject: writing.

Yes, been doing some. Unfortunately it's an angsty m/m story that has dirty sex and unrequited love.

Subject: life.

Yes, been living one. Real ups and downs. Ask me about my car adventures. Better yet don't. Not unless we both have some valium.

Subject: children.

My ten year old asked me how many men I've slept with. Seriously. She did. I told her we'd discuss that when she's much older. By that time I'll be much older and have alzheimers and therefore this conversation can be avoided.

(Between you and me: more than 20 and less than 70.)

Subject: work.

Ah, yes. New job. Small office. One doctor, one tech and me. We all have kids, we all are older than 30 and 2 of us have slept with lots of men. Just sayin'.

Subject: reviews.

Woot!! Read below. Happy dancing here.

Subject: Letters from Greece.

Ah yes. Carolyn and I wrote this novel, took us over two years to complete it. But we did. We sent it to Carina and after 3 months they've finally written us and told us they're no longer accepting women's fiction.

Thank God I don't own a flame thrower.

Okay: generic blog post done. Back to you, Red.

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