Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh, Shut the Hell Up Already!

Ye Gads, but I love the internet. Only on the internet can people who might be really sane. smart folks start to look like little more than babbling idiots fighting over a whole lot of nothing.

I just finshed reading the bad Sarah thread over at Smart Bitches. Bad Sarah is the Sarah who is a popular blogger, a published author, a media expert and now is in business with Jennifer Cruisie's daughter doing something that I can't be arsed to remember what it is.

Good Sarah would be the Sarah who keeps the Smart Bitches site running and doesn't look more successful than her detractors.

Oh those detractors. They do love the chance to pile on, don't they? But then, don't most? Oh there slight odor of a possible scandal and before you can say "The rake's playing with the upstairs maid again," you have a bunch of women flexing their typing fingers and frothing in anticipation of attack.

The more popular/successful you are, the crazier they get.

Sarah happens to be one of Carolyn's favorite bloggers. Can't say that I blame her. Smart, Jewish, lover of romance. Why, she'd almost be me if she didn't live in Jersey and be less successful. A lot less successful. Okay, she's nothing like me. Sheesh.

And Sarah is friends with the evil Jane from Dear Author who is smart, Asian and a lawyer which is almost like my daughter except 10 year olds rarely pass the bar. They can't even drink at the bar. And rarely can they even see over the bar. So they're not even alike either. Except they're female and Asian. (Although Mollie is Chinese and I think Jane is Korean although she might also be a Jewish woman in Jersey for all I know.)

So beyond all this rambling was a total love of watching a bunch of women act like fools because they envy Sarah her accomplishments. I mean really. She's a fucking blogger for Jehovah's sake, people, not a brain surgeon. Which isn't to say that she isn't a brain surgeon because I have no fucking idea what else she's accomplished in her life and brain surgery is a distinct possibility. Although if she were an orthopedic surgeon maybe she could check out my knees.

Carolyn told me that all that kneeling would come to no good one day.

So what's my point here? Damned if I know anymore. It might be something like nobody really knows anybody on the internet and giving a rat's ass what a couple of women bloggers do is a waste of time, emotion, and good sense. But enough about me and Carolyn...

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