Thursday, September 1, 2011

Well, Lookie Here...

I have a new bookcover, y'all. :-D

It's for Song of Life, releasing February 2012. (This time I asked my editor.)

Isn't it purty?

Now I have to figure out how to add another book to my 'official' site. This will be accomplished with much knashing of teeth and muttered curses, false starts and cries of 'oh no you didn't, you bassard!' but it will be accomplished.

I've liked all my covers so far - is this unusual? I have to say Lyrical really tries to deliver the author's vision for their cover. For me, they have more than succeeded.



  1. Aww very purdy! And the guy looks like a young(er) Ryan Reynolds :D

    I've pencilled in Feb 2012 for my copy. Can't wait.

    And I can help gnash teeth and stuff if you like Carolyn. Or maybe help getting the link up. Either way, happy to help if I can.

  2. It is purty. Very very purty.

  3. Got a link over on the sidebar-the C L McCullough one. See what you think of what I've done so far. :-)

    Yola has widgits. I fight with them all the time, but really, they make it very easy for the computer ignorant to set up a website. I even made a hidden page!! :-O

    It's sort of fun-when I'm in the mood for frustration, lol.

    Um-who's Ryan Reynolds?

  4. Lookin' good Carolyn ;o) Glad you got your widgets together lol

    Hidden pages huh? Is that where you hide hte bodies? I'll have to behave. Or try at least lol.

    And Ryan Reynolds? Oh... yum. He's currently in Green Lantern but he's been in heaps of stuff - Wolverine, 2 guys and a girl (I love that show), Van Wilder...

    Probably not your thing - he's def not a Carlos type so I'm sure he wouldn't register on the 'hot latin lover type' radar of yours hehehe