Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Attractive Woman is a Danger to a Christian Man?

I am a Survivor fanatic. Nay, a Survivor freak. And I am so amazed and pissed and amazed at what I saw tonight.

So there's this little weasel on the blue team who happens to be Russell's nephew. If you're a Survivor fan then you know Russell was the most manipulative, evil and interesting player to ever be on the show. The nephew is just a good ol' boy who's hiding his relationship to Russell and praying (amen bruddah!) and being a general uninteresting guy.

Interestingly, the women on this team are not the usual hot babes except for one. And the one there is a good athlete and gets along well with the rest and has no issues. But when tribe has to vote out a player, nephew wants her voted out because she's attractive and she looks like she's slept with a lot of men.

Wait. Let me repeat that.

She looks like she slept with a lot of men.

Yeah, that's what he said.

Then he goes on to say that he's married and she's pretty and therefore she's a temptation he doesn't want to even have in his view. Like she'd even give the nephew troll the time of day. Oh no, he has a boner and therefore she's a freaking Jezebel. And she must be voted out because he can't deal with an attractive woman who looks like she slept with a lot of men.

I'm gobsmacked. Amazed. Pissed off.

So an attractive woman by virtue of being pretty must therefore also have lots of sexual experience. And a troll with an ugly tattoo and an uglier heart is more virtuous because he'd rid the iediate vicinity of the supposed whore. And he calls himself a devout Christian.

This really got to me. I hope the weasel gets voted out quickly. And I hope the pretty woman tells him that she'd never give him the time of day.

And who she has and hasn't slept with is not important to the game. Or to anyone except her.

What a freaking asshole. He makes his uncle look good.

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  1. Don't you know it's always the woman's fault? Womens is eeeevil.

    What they ought to do is blindfold the sob and make him play the game in that condition for the rest of the run.

    Erections are a biological reflex to just about anything, but most especially what's going on in his brain.

    Damn, guess blindfolding won't work after all.