Friday, September 2, 2011

Who is Ryan Reynolds?

Carolyn my darling,

you asked Lea, in the comments, who is Ryan Reynolds.

A little part of my soul bled. I, like you, might love the dark seductive Latin types with the dark eyes and lilting accents but there's something to be said about the blonde men with the big smiles and the quick come backs that make you laugh and lust.

Ryan Reynolds is American goodness. (I was lukewarm about him and then Blade 3 happened and I loved him to pieces. Don't care much for the woman beating, tax dodging Snipes but Ryan is the reason I've watched that movie again and again and again and again...)

So ma'am, meet Ryan Reynolds.

I believe I shall send you a movie or two. Because some men are worth momentary Spanish lapses.


  1. It's amazing how ignorant I am regarding modern television and big screen personalities.

    I reckon that's because I no longer watch tv and very few movies interest me anymore. I hate the time and energy spent on non-talent, the being famous for nothing but a reality show or who you date.

    Mr Reynolds is indeed buff. I suspect my Spaniards aren't, or they too would be showing themselves off. :-)

    I hope that didn't come across as snarky; it's not meant that way. I long for a Spaniard 'showing it off', lol.

  2. Not snarky Ms Carolyn - we all like what we like. Like me and guys with clothes on as opposed to Lori and guys iwth clothes off lol.

    You want me to 'photoshop' you a Spainard? I'm not good but it might not matter lol.

    I agree, it's ahrd to watch tv these days because it's all about reality and the 'stars' of such crap. I mean, really... But y'all know how I feel about this.

    As for those pix Lori... drool! I watched Blade 3 on your recommendation and Ryan was the only saving grace. Not enough to make me want to watch it again but he was hot.

    And I love him funny, that's his best trait for me. Well, that and his washboard stomach...

    never mind.

  3. Lea: funny is more importanr to me than hot. That's why RR wasn't on my radar till Blade 3. He made me laugh and I wanted to look at him.

    If a person can laugh, major points. Can laugh at themselves, super major points. And all of the above and looks good naked: you own me!

  4. Oh, Amen to that sista! We need to get together and have a RR fest... (except for taht movie he was in with stick girl) I'll bring the bibs for the drool lol

    Actually, he's in a new movie that is released here next week, with Jason Bateman, another fave. I might have to scrounge up the 18 bux to go. Or find someone who can dl it for me - oops...