Friday, September 30, 2011

My First

I've heard folks complaining about info dumps and author voice, but I never really understood until I bought the Karen Chance bundle.

I'd been looking for some paranormal reads to hold me until the new Edge book comes out, and chanced across what I thought was a good deal: four books for $7.35. I'd had such a great experience with the Lady Julia Grey bundle, that I jumped at it.

Y'all, I couldn't get through the first book, titled Touch the Dark.

I don't want to seem mean spirited, but WTF??

All the reviews on the bundle were 5 stars. Should have given me a hint - ain't hindsight wonderful? I should have checked the reviews for each individual book, because there were many reviews that expressed the same problems I had.

This book should win the award for How To Infodump. Doesn't matter when, doesn't matter where. In the middle of a fight we are suddenly treated to paragraphs and pages of backstory, or the history of wards, or some such. In the middle of what should be a sexually tense seduction scene, the characters are using their mouths for talking instead of the usual occupation at such times. And I mean talking! Paragraphs of dialogue, all infodump and the conversation goes on for pages and pages.

This is where I finally asked: Why are you subjecting yourself to this? You've skimmed most of it anyway and you're having trouble keeping up with all the damn characters that keep popping up. Just let it go, Carolyn, let it go.

So now I have my first major DNF and three books I'm scared to try. Oh, I've been unable to get into some of the freebies and some of the indies, but this thing was published by Penquin. I mean, it had an editor and everything! 0_o And I've read some books with infodumps, of course I have, we all have at some time. But never in my whole life (and remember I'm an old fart soon to ignore that momentous old fart birthday) have I seen anything like this.


Just ... boring.

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