Saturday, September 24, 2011

What I've Read

Carolyn is doing a lot of reading and she makes me feel like a really slow, slodgy reader sometimes. That woman reads like its air and she needs it to survive. I used to read like that but its been a long time since I've been so compelled.

Recently I've had the pleasure of reading some good books. The first one was Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh. It's the first of the Guardian series and it was damned good. She can write a fast paced book and I enjoyed the characters and situations a lot.

The one problem I had with the book was that I didn't understand the attraction between the H/h at all. It was such a power/survival struggle between them that I couldn't completely accept the attraction. Maybe its just me but if there was another being that annoyed me, scared me and pissed me off that much (while threatening the safety of everyone I loved), I just don't think I'd be motivated to get nekkid with him.

I plan to read the rest of the series but I'm not crazy about it. The writing was good enough that I want to read more, not the coupling.

The other book I just finished was Betting Hearts by Dee Tonorio. I saw it on Karen Knows Best and she just loved it. I decided to try it thinking that it was erotic romance which is not one of my favorites.

It wasn't erotica, I'm happy to say and it was a good read. I enjoyed the heroine a lot and really loved the hero because he was a neurotic mess. Only someone who knew him as well as the heroine could love him. I really enjoyed that. And I like the Cinderella aspect of the story.

Next? I'm going to be reading something paranormal and humorous. I have some HP Mallory books to try.

What are you reading?

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  1. No, no, no!!

    Try Kate Daniels. Pleeeeease, try the first book, Magic Bites.

    I'll get all the rest in e if you like it, I'll send you all my paperback copies if you like it.

    *pauses to take a breath*

    Um - I'm glomming on Marie Force's "Fatal" series, and plan to try No Proper Lady by Isabel Cooper next. Went to Amazon to check out the reviews there and discovered I'd already bought it. *embarrassed*

    So very glad Amazon provides that service ...