Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sex-ay! So Sex-ay!

These are all wrestlers with the WWE. Someone needs to write romances about them.

They are so freaking hot!!


  1. Umm, it won't be me.

    I'm sorry, but they do nothing for me. Muscles are fine but there is a limit. I know I'm a fan of Dwayne Johnson but I still prefer him all clothed and smiling, as opposed to nekkid and smiling.


    Never mind. Im sure you can fit one or all in to a story Lori. I have the faith :)

  2. You prefer your men dressed?

  3. Hell yeah! Half the fun is unwrappin' ;)

    Being nekkid might save time but it would be like waking up Christmas morning and knowing what you have already. Where's the adventure and fun in that?

    I would gladly take a man in a uniform/suit/pair of boxers any day. Oh just the thought...

  4. Very sex-ay, as long as they keep their mouths closed. ;-)

    Oh, very well - they may open their mouths and use them for nefarious purposes, but NO TALKING!

  5. Say - what happened to the links on our sidebar? They're different-they don't list the newest posts anymore and the sites are all scrambled up.

    Do we have a gremlin?

    Is its name Lori (heh heh) or Blogger?

  6. Nefarious... i like that word lol

    As for gremlin's - I think thy name is...

    I won't say Lori, she won't like that lol.