Monday, September 12, 2011

Hee Hee

At last, at last, at last!

Lori is diving into one my favorite paranormal authors, Nalini Singh. She has started Angels' Blood. Whoop!!

Well, what I mean is, I'm very pleased at this development. Very pleased indeed. I just happened to mention it in passing, it's not like I nagged or anything. And I never talked for ten minutes straight (me, whose normal speech mode is tongue tied), no I never did.

Of course, I could, if I wasn't tongue tied. I would and ... oh hell, I have, lol.

I've often said - mostly to Lori, I admit but now I'm saying it to y'all - I can read any genre if there's good writing and a good storyline with characters you like and can relate to. Don't care what the background is, don't care if he gets a little hairy at times (I like hairy). A good writer can make me believe in the worlds they create, make me believe in true love between the most unlikely people.

And you know, deep down, all these 'monsters' are surprisingly needy when all's said and done. They want to be loved, they want to be needed, they all want a HEA.

It's just that there's different roads to get there, but get there we always do.

I'm gonna *ahem* talk - not nag, talk - to Lori about Kate Daniels next. :-)


  1. And it's freaking brilliant too.

  2. LMAO

    Carolyn, imagine what you can do with your powers of nag... persuasion! First Lori, next...

    I'm still to get to the library for Nalini but it's on the td list, rest assured.

    Now, about this power you have. I need to speak to the bank about some cash...