Monday, June 7, 2010

Rejection Monday: Part Two

From The Old Farts Files, our own rejection. Not too disheartening but not making us dance in joy either.

I really like your writing style and appreciate your humor. However, I am not sure how marketable this style of book is. I can easy understand incorporating letters as a means of communication and a way to further plot within a story. Many have done it, and done so successfully. Having a whole book based on letters is a bit difficult for a reader to follow and develop a firm hold on characters, setting, etc.

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  1. Sounds like that editor thought the book was supposed to make sense. *grump*

    I feel I should point out it's a satire. Well - isn't it? Oh well, maybe not - I just looked up some definitions of satire.

    It is a loving poke at Romance, albeit over the top just a tad. I know I laughed while we were writing it.

    Maybe I've OD'd on my pain meds - believe I'll go back to bed. :-)