Thursday, June 3, 2010

Snark Alert!

So there's this author who I follow on Twitter and sometimes she tweets book excerpts when she finishes a story and well, she just isn't a very good writer.

I always find myself wanting to point out her um, flaws, when she tweets her work like that. Anybody else experience this?


  1. Just want to post and see my new avatar.

  2. Would it be wrong to point out her flaws? If she's going to use Twitter to promote, one would reasonably think not all responses would be positive. But I am wondering, why are you following her, if her posts are flawed? Or is the books that are flawed? Either way, why are you following her, what are you getting out of it, besides snarkin...which is not always a bad thing....

  3. Sometimes it's tough, as a writer, when we read things we think just aren't very good.

    I find it best to just move on when I run into an author whose work I don't like, rather than get caught up in negativity that can affect how people view MY work.

  4. Umm Yeah, I'm with you Lori. The same thing happened this week, when I saw a self-published author's sneak peek of her new WIP on her webpage. She's clearly very excited about it and is inviting people to check it out through her Facebook site

    The thing is she's not a very good writer and like you,I was burning to point out the more obvious flaws. She has a comments section on the page, but since I wasn't invited to give a crit, I guess I'll say nothing.

    Looking at who is posting I can see that her comments section doesn't invite 'critical' comment - if you know what I mean. It's so full of warm fuzzies, it makes me shudder.

    I've come to the conclusion she's not interested in becoming a better writer, she just wants the attention.

    It still narks me though.

    Love the new avatar Lori. Can't wait to see the finished book in print. I wonder if it will get to Oz?

  5. Mary, I think you have a point and I'm going to unfollow her. The funny thing about it is that she's a much published author.

    It's a strange moment to realize that sometimes much published doesn't always mean good.

    Cheryl, if you have a computer, you can get my book: it's an ebook. Releasing with Lyrical Press on Dec. 6.

    Then everyone can unfollow me...LOL!!