Friday, June 25, 2010

Sex and the Single Writer

An alpha male is good at pursuing
the virginal girl who needs great woo-ing
to surrender that which is a great prize
first chance to be between her thighs.

The virgin's armor the hero must pierce
with rod of steel so mighty and fierce
to bring poor maid to womenhood true
and fill her with his manly dew.

Inside her passage he will find
a rush of feeling clouds his mind
all sense is lost, all kindness gone
(otherwise the story would be a yawn).

Accusations fly! Misunderstandings abound
he accuses her that her heels are round
he's angry, he's jealous, but still his need
is to pump and pump her full of seed.

The agony! The hurt! The ultimate bliss
When at last they share a final kiss
as lies are cleared and happily's are found
and her virgin flesh is his to pound.

1 comment:

  1. Holding my sides.....Funny funny! But more akin to old skool romances, I think. I haven't seen the "I'm furious because you weren't a virgin" plot for a looong time.