Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rejection Monday

While I like the premise of the story, I feel that it jumps into situations that the reader may not understand the how and/or why of. I also feel the there is a little too much cuteness and funny lines, and after a bit it begins to bring the story down. If you were to resubmit this to another publisher, I would suggest paring it down to a shorter story, and change the scenes to add some intro so the reader understands what's going on, and to address the other items I listed.

This rejection came on a story and it just made me feel so deflated. So the story was forgotten for a year and then pulled back out.

Two offers were made for it and it's coming out in December.

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  1. Which raises the burning question.

    Did you make the suggested changes, or did you stick to your guns and find an agent who 'got' your humour and had more vision?

    (I'm giving a cyber-finger to the first agent.)

    I'm so glad you didn't give up on this story Lori.

    I recall it as a ripper of a story - even when you posted it on the UG. Even though I'm sure it has undergone SOME changes since then.

    Roll on December. I can hardly wait