Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rejection Monday

We have read your proposal for SUGAR B'S BACK IN TOWN, and do not feel that this is something Liquid Silver Books would publish. The writing needs more polish and would not be what our romance audience is looking for.

Okay, that one hurts.


  1. Well, I would hate to see what their romance audience DOES want to read...

    I suppose they base this on sales. Only problem with that is that the people can only buy what is there for the offering and if they don't offer anything new or different, then how can they tell the readers won't read it?

    Pfft and raspberries to them. Just like Angel Lane I'm sure you will find someone willing to take the leap and go with it. If I knew how, had hte knowledge, money and talent to start my own publishing firm, you know I'd be interested.


  2. Sssh, it's already got a home but we're not making the official announcement yet.

  3. Secret is safe with me.

    For a price...