Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quick Question


Is it just me or do you want to go off on every author who posts on reader's blogs about how their wonderful new release doesn't do whatever someone is complaining about or their sparkly wonderful publisher makes their teeth white and their breath smell fresh?

Is it possible that DA, SB, KKB or any of those blogs could be author promo free in any major discussion?

Okay, I vented. Back to our regularly scheduled nonsense.


  1. I don't read those other blogs so I can't concur or disagree with y'all Lori. But I have seen similar on other blogs and stuff so I know what you mean.

    Perhaps without the self promo they have nothing else worthy of writing about. Or at the very least something in which to bring the readers back time and again.


    And you schedule the nonsense? Cool, can I have a copy of the time table please - don't want to miss anything :D

  2. It might be tempting though ...

    I mean - there you are: Ms Unknown, with your first book coming out from Neverheardofyou e-publishing company and all they're telling you is promote, promote, promote.

    Yup, might be real tempting. And you'd do it even knowing you'd look like a pimp, because suddenly it's for real - your book will be out there and .... maybe nobody will know!

    How can they read and love it if they don't know???

    I don't like the practice, but lord, I can understand it.