Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Publication Path of Two Old Farts

Just a quick update:

Our little opus has been sent to a smattering of agents and epublishers. The agents was done with a complete understanding that not one would sully their livelihoods with our crap.

The publishers might.

So far we have received two form letters from agents suggesting that ditch digging might be more on par with our talents. We are seeking out photographs of them to photoshop coming out of animal rears.

One publisher has responded with a lovely letter stating "an editor and one member of our management team have reviewed ..." (Sometimes misery must be shared.) "Regretfully we don't feel your story is right for us at this time." (Nor for anyone with any sense.)

Actually, before I snark too much I should say that the letter gives a lot of detail of how to fix the story and suggests that they might be interested in seeing it again once corrected.

We're feeling pretty good right now.

We'll keep you updated as more rejections come our way.

Your friend,

The Literary Losers.


  1. Never thought a rejection letter would make me feel optimistic, but so t'is.

    The lady works for a very reputable e-publisher; when I saw the letterhead my eyes widened and then I lmao! Our loving poke at romance isn't exactly deep erotica! But she gave some very constructive criticism and actually seemed to have read most of our spoof.

    What I wonder though, is if she laughed. Oh - I hope she laughed.

  2. I'm still first inline for a signed copy once you're published ya know...

    At least you have the guts to submit. More power to you :D And it's not a close thing to consolation but I love your work so...


  3. I should mention that the Knight Agency has rejected to represent us also. So we'll change our review of Butterfly Tattoo later... PFFT!!!

    (Maturity so does not become us.)


  4. And I'll be right behind you in that line Lea.

    I treely ruly admire your writing and your guts in submitting your stuff.

    I'm sure there is an agent out there who will 'get' the two of you. You just have to find her (or she needs to find you)