Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When the Urge Doesn't Strike


I have a very puny TBR pile. It's not tottering; it can barely be called a pile. (almost changed the word 'pile' - whenever I use it I think of my mother's definition and I'm so not going there!)


In this non-tottering, non-pile are several books I've started and sort of lost interest in. Bummer, because there goes several Carolyn reviews.

But what am I do do? I find myself rereading old favorites. I just reread all three of Ilona Andrews' magic books in anticipation of the release of the fourth. I'll probably do the same with Mercy Thompson.

And then it hit me! Those half finished books, staring back at me so sorrowfully are historical romances.

Now, back in my heyday, I was an historical junkie (minus the Romance) I loved Sharon Kay Penman and Edward Rutherford and James Michener and Susan Howitch. Loved those huge generational tomes So when I gravitated to Romance, I mostly read historicals, especially Regencies (Georgette Heyer is a GODDESS!). And Flowers from the Storm just knocked my socks off; one of the best books I've ever read in any genre.

Have I OD'd on history? I find myself caught up again in pure fantasy and sf and paranormal and urban (sorry but I can't tell the latter two apart) and thus Andrews and Briggs et al. I pounced on the release of a new book in the Paksenarrion universe - it had been twenty years, for God's sake!

I don't know why this is. Even contemporaries are a struggle. (psst - I've only read the first in La Nora's Bride series; that's like sacrilege or something, isn't it?)

Does anyone else have this problem?


I'm doing a slow burn-out on contemporary romances and starting to discover some of the brilliant historicals out there. Right now I'm doing a glom of Loretta Chase. Currently I'm reading Mr. Impossible and I have three more after that.

I've even got two Jennifer Cruisie's in my TBR pile and I'm such a Cruisie fangirl, you know that's just wrong!

I do think that reading cycles though so we should cycle back into our favorite old reads sooner or later.

I do have a bunch of new-to-me authors to try. I have Arianna Skye, Shelli Stevens, Jaci Burton. Need to spend some time in the Demonica series I think but even more... I need more Chase! I'm reading what you stopped Red!


  1. I definitely go through cycles. I'll read UF for awhile, YA, Fantasy, romance, a little historical fiction and on and on. In fact I just finished what started out as a great UF but I struggled to finish what I know was a great book. I just wasn't in the mood but hated to stop after starting it. I need to read a good mind blowing romance maybe one that makes you cry till your nose runs. That'll clear my brain and then I can tackle the staggering pile again.

  2. I'm on a historical romance glom at the moment. I haven't found anyone to beat Loretta Chase or Mary Balogh yet.

    I managed to track down Loretta Chase's backlist and I adored all of them. Her latter books are more complex and quite a bit racier, but it was interesting to see her growth as a writer.

    On the other hand, I thought Mary's earlier books were stronger and definitely more engaging.

  3. We should all post pictures of our TBR piles with a list of titles.

  4. I'm buying books I don't know that I'll EVER read! It's so easy, now that I've got the Kindle app. *blush*

    I do love me a good sale, lol. As in $1.00 or below. As in FREE!!!

    So now there's a bunch of books in my computer that I keep forgetting are there and may never be read! 0_0

    I'm such a book 'ho ... but sometimes I think it's the collecting of them that appeals, just as much as the books themselves.

    Oh well, at least the ebooks don't take up as much room, although at the rate I'm going, I may have to ditch all my pictures, lol.

    And you know how I hate cleaning house!!

  5. I know how you hate cleaning house. when's the last time you saw your floors?

  6. Hey!!

    Dust bunnies need lurve too!! Pfft!