Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Celebrity Crushes by Lea (Our Resident Aussie)

Let me just preface this by saying that these are MY choices and I’ll explain why. You can agree, disagree or have no opinion at all – that’s the wonderful thing about a democracy. I’m not sure where this topic will go or how we will end up there but I hope you’ll stick with me. Also, after consultation with the Ladies – aka TwoOldFarts – it has been decided to make this a two-parter. That way I can add more ‘crushes’ and I can probably embellish a bit more lol.

Celebrity crushes are nothing new. Seems as long as there has been someone in the spotlight – regardless of reason – there have been fans. Sure, we might like someone famous, follow their career and think nothing of it but then along comes ‘The One’. He or she could be famous for being an actor, sports star, musician, writer, politician (unlikely, but hey, whatever floats ya boat, right?) or whatever but the minute you clap eyes on them something changes.

Suddenly, it’s all about this person. Any little skerrick of information, photo, newsbyte, sound etc and you MUST HAVE IT! Hundreds of dollars are spent on this ‘obsession’, whether its buying merchandise, going to see the same movie several times (guilty, Your Honour but it was LOTR!), buying every single song ever released etc. Of course there are varying degrees of this from the sometime fan to the absolute nutter who needs to be jailed for stalking or worse.

We might use the term ‘love’ when speaking of them, as in ‘I absolutely love him, he’s just dreamy!’ but we’re not so delusional to think on it as real love. Of course as with everything there are exceptions to the rule but this post isn’t about that. It’s about some of the guys who over the years I have ‘loved’ – from a distance and the safety of my own house. Although, there was that one time at the footy...

While these guys are not in any particular order, I felt it only right to start with Tom Cruise as he has been my fave since forever. Other crushes have come and gone but he has been the one constant – yes, even through couch jumping, Scientology and being married to that wench Nicole (a whole different topic, let me tell you!) he has to be my favourite.

I can’t pinpoint what exactly it is but he has something. Some of his ‘characters’ have been less than favourable and he does such a great job that I don’t think much of him as he plays the part but when it’s over, he’s just Tom again. The fact that he looks hot in a uniform helps lol. Could be for me that although he’s older, he still exudes the ‘boy next door’ kinda charm. Like I say, I can’t pinpoint what it is.

Another ‘blast from the past’ is Henri LeConte, the French tennis player. Sigh. Aside from being cute, he could play tennis. But it was more than that. Unfortunately I never got to see him play in person but the matches I did watch were a delight. He was a great sportsman but he was also funny and a gentleman. I’ve seen him ‘act up’ in the middle of games purely for the crowd’s entertainment and they lapped it up. It’s all business these days, what with the prize monies available but back then it was just as much about having fun with the crowd as hitting a little green fuzzy ball over a net. I miss him (and those days).

Hugh Jackman. Need I even say more? Ok, I will. Not only is he Australian but he’s proud of the fact and still lives here a lot of the time, unlike our other ‘exports’. There are so many things to love about Hugh – he’s a great singer, dancer, actor; he’s funny and doesn’t mind taking the piss out of himself; he never forgets where he’s from. The thing I love most about our Hugh though is the love he has for his wife, Deborah-Lee and their two kids. You only have to see them together to feel the love. With the fickleness of stars in Hollywood these days, it’s a nice thing to see and I for one hope it lasts. I’m sure it will.

Johnny Depp.

Ok, I’ll embellish but only to offer up this quote I once read – ‘Johnny does for jeans what Marilyn did for diamonds’. ‘Nuff said!

Orlando Bloom. I couldn’t not add him to the list. The humour, the accent, the Legolas... it’s all there. He has played other parts and done a great job (I even liked him in the Calcium Kid) but he will always be Legolas for me. The expressive way he said so much with his eyes just makes me swoon.

Charlie Sheen makes the list, token bad boy that he is. To be honest I love the whole Estevez/Sheen clan, from Martin down to Renee but Charlie pips out Emilio by a smidge as my fave. He’s cute, funny, can do serious and doesn’t mind taking the piss out of himself. Some of his choices in wife leave a lot to be desired but hey, it’s his life. Like Tom, looks hot in a uniform!
Elvis Presley – the one and only King! Absolutely positively adore that man! The whole package – the looks, the voice, the charisma, the respect he held for others, the love he had for his Mama. Yep, will always be the King.

OMG – I can’t believe I nearly forgot Keanu! Oi vay! I don’t mind him serious but he’s sexier for me when he’s playing stupid. I find him so adorable in Bill and Ted’s. But then again, he’s super sexy in his priest jacket in Matrix too – the shot of him in that jacket and with those glasses on just gives me chills... Hmm, I might need to finish this later. I think I can see a viewing of Point Break in my future...


  1. My great celebrity love was Mandy Patinkin. Love him because his name is Mandy, because his voice is so beautiful, because his name is Inigo Montoya and I killed his father and must be prepared to die.

    I saw Mandy in concert in Seattle right before I went to China to adopt my daughter. It was a beautiful evening at a beautiful time in my life.

    I also adore Keanu and always will. Love his vapid shell of a self.

  2. We can time share him Lori :D

    I like Mandy too - haven't seen him in a lot but he's been good in it. And funnily enough I just taped PB on our cable... will have to watch. I remember watching years ago but can't recall what happened. We might need to chat about it...

    In the meantime, more Keanu I'm afraid...

  3. Unfortunately none of the names on the list are a turn on for me. My idea of perfection is a young(er) Tom Selleck, he of the perfect chest and the laughing eyes.

    Back in the day (way, waaay back) I had a crush on George Harrison. My first crush ... *sigh*

    As you can see, I have varied tastes, lol.

  4. Nicole??... a wench??? I thought she was from Australia? Do they actually have wenches in Australia??

    I have my crush on Sean Connery. He has aged well!! MJ

  5. Oh God yes - Sean!! How could I have forgotten him? Another amazing chest, lol. And still as sexy as ever.

  6. I thought I'd answered this before...

    Sean is hot and getting better with age, very nice :D

    And yes MJ, Nicole is a wench - we have htem in Australia. She's actually an American born, Aussie raised, now living in the US person. I have no time for the likes of her!

    Lori... I just watched Princess Bride - OMG how cool was htat. It's diff to what I remembered but I did enjoy. And Mandy is very sexy as the Spanish one...Inigo Montoya! I can see what you are meaning...