Monday, April 12, 2010

My Favorite Tropes

My Favorite Tropes

(from the Sound of Muzak)

Raindrops on roses and amnesiac ladies
Kittens named Cletus and unidentified babies
Tall alpha heroes who snarl and they sneer
These are the tropes that my heart does hold dear…

When the Demon attacks
When the Dragon flies
When the princess is freed
These are a few of my favorite tropes
That excite me to read….

Give me a rock star who likes to read Tolstoy
A Baron or Duke who was sad as a young boy
A Happy Ever After hard and well earned
These are the tropes for which I do yearn.

When the Ton grates
When the Marquis berates
When society stings
These are the tropes that curl my ten toes
And force me to sing!

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